How to Decorate a Ralph Lauren-Inspired Room

Add charming character and spunky design to your home with the relaxed decorating style debuted in 1987 by fashion guru Ralph Lauren. You

can create a Lauren-inspired room by tastefully mixing the right fabrics, patterns, textures, colors and furniture pieces. Authentic

Ralph Lauren spaces combine decor elements from different eras and styles to create an aesthetically pleasing, but unexpected design.

Look to home magazines and books to draw inspiration for decorating your timeless, Lauren-inspired room.
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Decorating colors for a Ralph Lauren-inspired room are available in a wide spectrum. Choose colors to reflect the Lauren style you’re

trying to achieve. For example, a palette of assorted blue and white shades is an ideal color combination for seaside cottage appeal,

Ralph Lauren style. Create Lauren’s safari look with a color scheme comprised of earthy browns, greens and golds mixed with black and

white. Bright reds, navy blues, sunny yellows and bright whites enhance a Ralph-inspired style with a nautical flair. Envelop your room

with rustic-lodge appeal with muted red, brown, green, beige and orange.

Choose a wall color for your Lauren-inspired room to complement your chosen color scheme, as well as one that reflects your personal

preference. For example, in a seaside Lauren look, surround yourself with a calm sea of blue by painting your walls in a blue tint that

you have fallen in love with. Create an accent wall to add visual interest that’s so much a part of the Ralph Lauren-decorating style.

For example, in the blue-walled seaside illustration, apply wallpaper featuring vintage sailboats to one wall for a visual surprise.
Windows and Lighting

Windows provide an opportunity to add a textural element to your room, creating a classic, Ralph-inspired space. Simple wooden shutters

marry practical function with aesthetic appeal for a timeless window treatment. Draperies inject color and fabric into a room to enhance

your favorite Ralph Lauren look. For example, casual red-and-black plaid draperies provide the type of signature design element often

found in a rustic, Lauren-inspired room. Install natural-woven blinds under the plaid drapes for a layered look with textural appeal,

reflecting typical Ralph Lauren design. Incorporate ambient, task and mood lighting into your space for diversified illumination. Mix a

variety of light sources to create an eclectic, Lauren-inspired mix. If desired, include vintage table lamps, a crystal chandelier, metal

pharmacy lamps, decorative wall sconces and glowing candles.
Furniture and Accessories

Furnish your room with Lauren-inspired, comfortable furniture pieces to accommodate the activities in your room. For example, cushy

leather sofas and chairs with rolled arms, nail-head detailing and distressed, weathered finishes exemplify Lauren-inspired seating. Add

fabric-upholstered ottomans and armchairs in zebra stripes and leopard prints to heighten the Ralph-inspired effect. Rustic, wooden

dining tables with a mix of chairs, antique trunks repurposed as coffee tables and wicker accent pieces suggest Ralph Lauren style.

Choose accessories to enhance your selected Lauren-inspired theme. For example, deck the walls of a classic, Americana-themed Lauren

style with an oversized painted canvas of a Native American warrior and an arrangement of vintage black-and-white, cowboy-themed

photographs. Fill a bare wall with a large American flag for classic Lauren style. Navajo blankets, plaid toss pillows, wicker baskets,

antique lanterns, a cowhide area rug, cowboy hats hung on a peg rack and a bookshelf filled with old books complete the Ralph-inspired

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Ralph Lauren Home – Summer Sample Sale

Ralph Lauren Home sample sale returned this Monday but to a different venue. Hosted by Soiffer Haskin the event is actually located at

the Altman Building in Chelsea. Taking up two whole floors the sale is massive and chaotic but the friendly sales staff are there to

help. You’ll recognize the Soiffer employees on the main floor by their green aprons.

I arrived an hour after the doors opened to general public. After a short five minute wait (there was a one out one in door policy) I

found the first floor rather calm and full of large furniture items. There were leather sofas, canopy beds, dressers, mirrors, and more.

Even though the sale has only been open for an hour many pieces were already tagged with Sold or Hold signs. Prices were largely well

north of a thousand but there were a few $100+ chairs and smaller pieces.

Downstairs the atmosphere was markedly different. There were hundreds of shoppers digging through huge piles of towels and bedsheets.

With prices starting at just $1 for hand towels I can’t really blame them. Everything was scattered along large tables and it looked as

though a tornado had just blown through, creating this giant mess. I was pressed for time and couldn’t really delve into the piles but

the patient few were rewarded with plush beach towels and luxurious velvet pillows.

Along the right wall were tables devoted to table and bar ware. There were porcelain plates, tea cups, pitchers as well as plenty of

crystal glasses to satisfy your various alcohol needs.

Also at the sale were silver and leather picture frames and leather remnants. Perhaps all the good stuff was already taken because what I

saw seemed kind of overpriced and too small to turn into a functional piece of clothing.

Unlike the previous sales, this time there were no props from the flagship stores or even statues or mannequins. Ralph Lauren Home

sample sales have become rather synonymous with outrages props and vintage finds to make any interior designer drool with envy but it

seems this summer is the exception. On the other hand, for bargain hunters in search of bedding and toiletries its sheer paradise.

Yesterday there were extra 25% off markdowns on select categories and further discounts are expected today. Remember to follow me on

Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

If you are buying furniture there is a shipping contractor available but they are not affiliated with either Ralph Lauren or Soiffer

Haskin. If you are getting a smaller piece it is probably best to make your own transportation arrangements. And like all Soiffer sales,

no children under 12 are allowed inside (but I saw pets roaming around).